Final Reflections on UOSM2008


Wow, it has really come to the end! Check out my self-test2 (1) to see the improvements I feel I have made over the course of the module.

One of the things I think I will definitely take away from this active module is the importance of online communities. If you don’t participate in your chosen interest than how can you expect your network and personal development to grow? This module has definitely taught me how how engaging with others on their blog posts means they’ll return the favour and you build a common ground.Although followers can be important, they’ll only be loyal if you keep up the engagement and mutual interest.


One of the most exciting things about this module was the building of professional profiles as we saw in Topic 3. This was definitely fruitful as I realized how important being young and using my digital age to be able to create a digital footprint and be noticed by employers. This then lead to being sent the following message you see on the right !

It goes to show just how vital your online presence is and to what extent it can propel you professionally. Having followed all the tips from Topic 4 – Social Media Ethics, I was able to “botox” my LinkedIn and lure in a recruiter!

I definitely believe that this module has really enhanced my creativity, professionalism and awareness of online issues and debates. Following from this module, I will:

  1. Keep my LinkedIn growing by connecting with students and employers.
  2. Try to amass more Twitter followers by engaging more in topical interests.
  3. Keep blogging because I 100% enjoyed it!
  4. Jump on the Instagram bandwagon. I love cooking, food, desserts and all things yummy so I thought that this would be a good place to share and  get tips from fellow food lovers!

Special thanks to everyone that contributed to my blog and helped spark discussions on those 5 diverse topics and to Lisa, Nick and Sarah for the constructive feedback. I have definitely learned so much about myself, my capabilities and living and working on the web!




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