Reflecting on Topic 4


My comment on Tom’s blog echoed Elizabeth’s post on the ethics of advertising and the issue of consent. How far are we lying to our followers if we’re endorsed to promote a product? Is it ethical to put a well known public figure on a shampoo bottle in order to boost sales? Sam’s post also dealt with the issue of content and how plagiarizing content could lose you a great deal of income. This is something I hadn’t previously thought about, albeit something very true and current.The best way to deal with this, as outlined by Sam, was to report the person copying your content and investigation will be launched into them.


This Zuckerberg quote above highlights Anna-Clare’s post about the fact that we’re almost too scared to post anything without it offending someone in some way. Are employers out to get us? Can I say I hate a cheap sandwich? Will this lead to me being perceived as a mean spirited individual who is materialistic? Having said that, we can’t blame employers for not hiring candidates who are oblivious to their own controversial comments and inappropriate photos. It really does take two seconds for an employer to look you up online as I discussed in my comments to Sam.

Abby’s powtoon presentation however focused on the ethics of social media in Education, something which I hadn’t quite reflected on prior to reading her blog. Her PiktoChart diagram equally drew up big conclusions: the issue of cyber bullying, harassment and phishing – something that isn’t necessarily as directly linked as in the ethics of social media in business.

quote-Andy-Grove-privacy-is-one-of-the-biggest-problems-183691_1Michele summed it up well. Regardless of freedom of speech, of personal opinions and beliefs, our digital footprint is well marked with a simple Google search. Respect your company’s values and your own can go a long way into avoiding getting you into any trouble. Keep your LinkedIn professional, keep your Facebook private. Sense and Sensibility have more of an influence than you may think. It’s a shame we seem to have lost so much privacy over the years, which explains the growing popularity in anonymous users as we saw in Topic 2.


Personal privacy is definitely something that needs to be tightened more than ever. To quote George Clooney:

I don’t like to share my personal life… it wouldn’t be personal if I shared it.

I do feel like there is a certain breach of privacy if, for example, an employer brings up some of my social media content in an interview. However, I feel like in our modern day society, we are fully aware of the repercussions of inappropriate content and its affect on our professionalism. Everyone has an opinion, a personality and a character that defines them, it just depends on how and which social media account they choose to best represent themselves on.


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